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Yellow or discolored teeth can affect your self-confidence and even prevent you from smiling altogether. At Jacquline Martin, DDS, in Silver Spring, Maryland, the team proudly offers both Philips Zoom!® in-office teeth whitening and take-home whitening trays to men, women, and teens. If you’re interested in returning your teeth to their near-original, pearly white condition, make an appointment by calling the office or clicking the online booking tool today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why are my teeth yellow?

Like it or not, experiencing yellow teeth is part of the natural aging process. As you get older, the protective outer layer of your teeth, known as enamel, chips, cracks, and flakes away. Over time, this reveals the inner layer of your teeth, known as dentin. Dentin is naturally yellow. As dentin becomes more noticeable, your smile appears increasingly discolored.

Other factors that contribute to yellow or discolored teeth include using tobacco products, drinking dark beverages such as red wine and coffee, and poor oral hygiene. You’re also more likely to develop yellow teeth if you take certain prescription medications, like tetracycline. 

What types of teeth-whitening treatments are available?

At Jacquline Martin, DDS, the team offers two types of teeth-whitening treatment:

Philips Zoom chairside whitening

Philips Zoom chairside whitening is a cutting-edge treatment that can make your smile up to eight shades lighter. During Philips Zoom treatment, your dentist carefully applies a chemical bleaching solution to the surface of your teeth. Next, your dentist points a special light at your teeth that triggers a chemical reaction. 

Your dentist repeats these steps 3-4 times, a process that takes about 90 minutes. Philips Zoom whitening provides results that can last up to six months, and often longer.

Take-home whitening trays

Take-home whitening trays allow you to whiten your teeth at your own pace. First, your dentist takes impressions of your teeth and develops a custom whitening mold. After developing your mold, your dentist sends you home with your custom trays and bleaching solution. You place the bleaching solution into each tray and wear them as instructed. 

How do I prevent stains following teeth-whitening treatment?

Following teeth-whitening treatment, there’s no way to prevent stains entirely. However, there’s plenty you can do to keep your smile shiny and bright. The team recommends brushing and flossing regularly, visiting the dentist every six months for a professional cleaning and exam, and drinking water instead of dark-colored or sugary beverages. You may also want to avoid foods that stain, such as blueberries, blackberries, and tomato-based pasta sauce. 

To learn more about teeth-whitening treatment and its benefits, call the office of Jacquline Martin, DDS, or click the online booking tool today. 

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